Why does Webs31 offer free email support

emailOne manager asked a questions and i quote: “Why does Webs31 offer free email support. Do you know how much you can make with email support to all your clients.”

He really sounded serious and concerned, then i looked him straight in the face and i smiled. He didn’t understand why i was smiling, so i had to explain to him what we stand for. I told him that we believe in bringing technology into businesses to increase business productivity and professionalism.Our target market includes start-ups and small businesses. Actually we only offer free email support to clients that are hosting with us so if you are not hosting with us then you do not qualify for free email support. We are trying to support our clients. We believe in helping small businesses grow and help them appreciate technology.

Company emails among others things are the basic needs for any company or organization but we find small businesses using email accounts like yahoo so just imagine a company with 5 employees and each employee is using his or her own email accounts, eg yahoo, gmail, ymail, hotmail. As a client how would you feel getting such emails from people from the same company with different domain names.

The manager looked at me and smiled, and he said “Ya thats unprofessional, i wouldn’t want our company to do that.”

Then i went on to tell him how supportive we are to small businesses and how we offer free advise to small businesses on how they can take advantage of technology to increase their sales leads.

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